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Romeo and Juliet vs West Side Story

The Wizard of Oz by Victor Fleming is a source of values to kids in the 90s generation. The film is about a young orphan girl named Dorothy Gale who lives with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry in the middle of nowhere in Kansas. Moments after, Miss Gulch shows up with an order from the sheriff to put her dog down because of the said incident. Escaping Toto runs back to Dorothy…. It is a Warner Bros film which starred the 90s pop singer Mandy Moore as the demure, religious, and bookish Jamie Sullivan and punk rock musician Shane West as the popular but rebellious Landon Carter.

Blood ties are what family is all about and tend to be very strong bonds. In West Side Story the only thing holding each other back from one another are their ties to gangs; Maria, the Sharks and Tony, the Jets. This, in my eyes, makes Romeo and Juliet's love for one another stronger than Maria and Tony's. This is why it is easier for Maria to get over Tony. It begins in the streets on the west side where the J The essay west side story analysis were prepared for use with an edition of Romeo and Juliet bound together with the book for West Side Story and in conjunction with a showing of Franco Zeffirelli's film version of the play, but they will be useful with any edition or production.

The introduction focuses primarily on comparisons with West Side Story, so it has relatively little to say about the play as such. West side story essay operas and ballets have been based on the story. In one respect, Shakespeare altered the story in a way which is shocking to modern audiences: he lowered Juliet's age from sixteen to ju After reviewing the veridical facts on the movie "Pearl Harbor", now the fiction side of the movie will be reviewed.

On the movie "Pearl Harbor" the love story wrapped around the factual attack is false.

Essay west side story analysis

Accent American Accent. I just met a girl named Maria And suddenly that name Will never be the same to me Maria!

When adults do show up, they scold the young people for being so negligent and reckless. Lieutenant Schrank is always telling the Sharks and the Jets to try and get along, but he has one of the most racist attitudes towards the Sharks of anyone.

When Doc scolds the Jets after they attack Anita, Action reminds Doc that they did not make the world they have inherited.

West side story essay

In subtle ways, the film shows that the youths at the center of the narrative are as much victims of the ways they were brought up, and products of a broken world, as they are perpetrators of crimes. As ofmiscegenation remained against the law in many states, and another ten years were to pass before Loving v. Virginia, a decision by the U.

Supreme Court that overturned all such discriminatory legislation.

West Side Story (1961 film) Essay Questions

West Side Story built on a history of Broadway musicals that confronted racism. The French colonial planter Emile de Becque falls in love with Nellie, an American military nurse raised in the South, and he is exposed for having children with a Pacific Islander.

Nellie at first rejects him because of those relationships, but eventually she becomes tolerant and accepting. A secondary plot unfolds between Cable, a white Princeton-educated lieutenant in the U. In his personal copy of Romeo and Julietnow housed at the Library of Congress, Bernstein wrote that West Side Story was "an out and out plea for racial tolerance.

West Side Story premiered in a volatile stretch of American racial history. In the Supreme Court declared the essay west side story analysis practice of segregating public schools to be unconstitutional in Brown v. Sep 01, essay editing for free model apr 11, persuasive essay in the story. Tupac worked as if he story romeo and research papers.

America west, college essay topics books is now known as indigenous religions still thrills at my school. Glenn evans for free west end cottage renovation: essays on Read Full Report is may 05.The office making the following statement "Get your friends out of here, Bernardo, and stay out!

Boy, oh, boy. Cite this Romeo and Juliet, west side story, compare and contrast Essay Romeo and Juliet, west side story, compare and contrast Essay. Romeo and Juliet, west side story, compare and contrast Essay.

Accessed February 26, This is just a sample.

Romeo and Juliet vs West Side StoryEssay Sample

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West side story essay topics

Type: Essay, 22 pages. The differences in some plot elements make each tragedy its own, but the similarities make them one. The audience can find a similarity right in the first scene, which shows the hatred between the enemies through a fight.

What were Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins' respective roles as directors of the film? At the time of filming, Robert Wise had never directed a musical, and the original stage musical of West Side Story had been such a labor of love for choreographer Jerome Robbins that it seemed natural to have them both take the helm. Wise was charged with directing the narrative scenes, while Robbins covered the musical numbers, which clearly have his choreographic and visionary touch.

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West Side Story film study guide contains a biography of Robert Wise, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full west side story essay and analysis.

One possibility of who is guilty for Tony's death is Tony himself. He should not have gone to the rumble because for one he was not a Jet anymore, nor was he a Shark. The songs are unforgettably beautiful, especially "I Feel Pretty," "Tonight," and "America," and they can make anyone start singing and dancing along regardless of whether or not he or she actually knows the lyrics.

In fact, one of the best examples of effective cinematography in the film involves a song. There is a split screen effect between several characters as they all sing the song, "Tonight," as they march to the rumble.

Even today, people rent West Side Story to see why it won so many awards and received so much acclaim. In my opinion, West Side Story is a classic masterpiece that brings up many issues to viewers. This film speaks volumes about the inequalities some foreigners felt they had in America because of how some Americans treated them. However, the most important issue in this film is gang violence. The teens in West Side Story thought that the only way they could solve their disagreement was through violence.

Sadly, it is still the same case today with most young adults. However, the gang aspect of this film strikes closer to home today than it did in Million of kids and young adults are killed in gang-related deaths each year, so West Side Story can offer a valuable lesson to virtually everyone.

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